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FAQ for Relevant, Keyword Domain Names

What are relevant, keyword electrical keyword domain names?
Relevant keyword domain names are high quality names that contain generic key words or phrases that are descriptive of an industry, a business or specific products or services. Relevant keyword domain names are usually constructed of one or more common words -- for example: ElectricalTransformerSales.com or ArcFlashTraining.com or LowVoltagePowerCircuitBreakers.com or ElectricServiceCenter.com.

Relevant keyword domain names are great for keyword targeting in search engines... thus they usually increase a business' presence on the internet because, unlike a company's name, they provide expanded visibility in search engines and directories for the business' products and/or services. Often they are catchy and easy to remember; and they can generate increased internet traffic via higher placement in search engines.

Having a domain name(s) that is memorable, directly related to your business, and that instantly attracts your potential customers is an important element of a successful internet marketing strategy.

How do I select the right domain name(s)?
Although every business should have a domain name web address that is MyCompanyName.com, it is very important to also have a domain name(s) which reflects what your business is about. For example, if your business is providing electrical training services, you should have a domain name that tells the world just that -- something like ElectricalTrainingCompany.com.

Probably the most important consideration when selecting a domain name is the keywords that are appropriate for your business. Select a domain name(s) that contains your most relevant keyword phrase(s) because the ranking algorithms of most search engines will provide a higher ranking to wesites whose domain names contain the keywords used in the search. Thus if your business is repairing motors, the best domain name is something like MotorRepairServices.com

Also, try to select a domain name that is easy to remember. As in the motor repairing example above, MotorRepairServices.com is easily remembered and contains the most relevant keyword phrase that describes that business.

In practical terms, how do I use an electrical keyword domain name?
The most common uses for a relevant electrical keyword domain name are as the internet address (url) for:

  • your primary web site
  • a "product specific" or "service specific" web site
  • a "pointer" to your main web site using domain forwarding
  • a "pointer" to an internal page of your web site using domain forwarding
  • the address for an additional web site identical to your existing web site using domain aliasing. Actually, it's the exact same web site on the same server as your existing web site, it just has a different internet address (www.RelevantDomainName).
  • "doorway pages" to your primary web site
The web address created with a relevant keyword domain name is registered with search engines and directories so it can bring additional potential customers for your business.

Domain aliasing and domain forwarding are easy to setup. If you don't understand how aliasing or forwarding works, contact us and we'll be happy to provide an explanation.

Here are the top four reasons that your business can benefit greatly from owning more than one domain name:

  • Owning mulitple domain names reduces your marketing costs.
    Additional domain names consisting of keywords/phrases relating to your business get free organic search engine traffic. Thus you spend less on costly keyword search engine advertising or print advertising.
  • It builds your brand.
    Owning domain names related to the products and services you offer, provides a strong and consistent message to your customers.
  • It reduces your competition.
    Owning several domain names prevents lost traffic and allows you to cut short the reach of your competition.
  • It builds a valuable portfolio of assets.
    Like fine wines, domain names appreciate in value over time, thanks to the traffic they acquire from prominent search engine positioning.

I'm a skeptic... show me! Here are some examples of our customer's use of keyword domain names that they purchased from us.

Who owns the domain names that are for sale?
We own all the domain names that are offered for sale on this site. We do not broker domain names owned by others.

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How much is an electrical keyword domain name worth?
To estimate the value of a relevant keyword domain name, first estimate the value of one new customer to your business, including its lifetime residual value and all of the referrals the customer will provide. Multiply this number by the number of new customers your new premium domain name might attract, including keyword search engine traffic.

As an example - if each customer is worth $500 dollars over their lifetime, and your new, relevant keyword domain name attracts 200 new customers over the life of your company, then the contribution of the name to your business would be $100,000.00. Or, if your relevant domain name attracts 2,000 new customers, but they are only valued at $50 each over their lifetime, you would still come up with the same $100,000.00 contribution.

Of course you wouldn't pay $100,000 for such a domain name; however, if you can buy a relevant keyword domain name for a thousand dollars (or less) that is worth tens of thousands (or more) to your business, it's clearly a worthwhile and beneficial purchase.

In theory (and in practice), the more relevant keyword domain names you have that bring additional potential customers to your web site, the better.

Remember, it's easy to point relevant keyword domain names to your existing web site, or to product or service specific web sites, or internal pages of your web site, or to doorway pages to your web site.

Additionally, a relevant keyword domain name should hold its resale value; and in all likelihood will become more valuable over time.

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How much can I expect to pay for one of your electrical keyword domain names?
The demand and prices for relevant keyword domain names continues to increase as good names become more and more scarce. The price of our relevant keyword domain names is based on relevancy, length, marketability, spelling, traffic, and economic trends. The cost for many of our relevant names is around $300; the average is about $600; however for particularly relevant, highly marketable keyword names it can be as high as several thousand dollars.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer a discount if you simultaneously purchase two or more relevant keyword domain name. Typically, the discount is 5% for 2 names and 10% for 3 or more. However, the discount will be less if you purchase a premium name together with another name(s) of considerably lesser value.

How can I find out the price of a specific electrical keyword domain name(s)?
Once you have found your relevant keyword domain name(s) in our database, simply contact us and request the price. If requesting by email, please note that we only respond to requests that include your name, phone number, and company name.

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Why don't you show the price of all relevant keyword domain names online?
The market for relevant keyword domain names is evolving rapidly and they are constantly going up in value. This makes it impractical to price them all online only to have to regularly reprice them as the market rises.

How can I put in a bid or counter offer for a price I was quoted?
We do not negotiate our prices; and we don't accept bids or counter offers as we aren't a domain auction. The quoted price is a fixed, one-time price. If you are not satisfied with the quoted price, you are probably out of luck.

All names are subject to prior sale to the first valid, accepted offer.

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What are the payment options?
When acquiring a domain name, payment can be made by certified check, money order, bank wire transfer ($50 additional for banking fees), or by credit card and electronic check using PayPal. Of if you prefer, we also do domain name sales using the escrow services of Escrow.com.

How long does it take to transfer ownership to me?
Transferring ownership to you usually takes only one (1) business day. As the new owner (registrant) of the domain name(s), you will have complete control over all aspects of the domain name including dns, contacts, etc.

What costs do I have after I purchase a domain name from you?
You pay us a one-time only price and the domain is in your control forever. You will have to pay an ongoing annual registration fee of around $12-$30 depending on the domain registration company you use.

Still have questions?
If you need additional information or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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